Funeral Services

Consultation -  assistance offered to the deceased family or anyone  inquiring about our services

Body Removal -Body removal services are available 24 hours a day

Mortuary Services - This includes: preservation, preparation and embalming, reconstructive/restorative cosmetic art

Documentation - We assist clients obtain burial or crematoria orders and Registration of Death

Body wash and dressing – washing of the body and dressing in preparation for the burial

Embalming – chemical preservation of a body which can be partial or full

Chapel Services - a short church service while the body is handed over to the family from the mortuary

Cremation - It the combustion, vaporization and oxidation of human remains to ashes

Lowering Device – a machine that is used to lower the casket into the grave

Tents and Chairs – available for mourners at the grave site and at home

Expatriation – exportation of human remains to its country of origin

Repatriation – it is the  importation of human remains from  outside the country




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